We have NOT moved places. If you are looking for the original KKA guild this is it. A member of the crew that was in charge of the guild while I was away made her OWN guild because I would not give her my guild. The other guild is STOLEN CONTENT from me, and she used it WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. The fake guild HAS been reported. Currently this guild is closed at the moment until things settle down.

As for all the hateful gifts, thanks guys! Cause you all know my situation right? I have summer classes and a hard curriculum. Oh! And did I mentioned my grandmother is in the hospital because she has cancer and I have to take care of her? I bet you didn't, or the fact that I EXPLAINED to Yume and stated earlier in the year that I would come back when my situation improved. When I was free I DID offer help, and you know what she told me?

"oh I have everything handled so don't sweat it"

Yeah so sorry if I wasn't helping, not like she needed it obviously. So again excuse me for having real life issues I had to take care of. Excuse me if I wanted to spend time with my grandmother with cancer over looking over the guild. I thought I could leave it to my VC to help me during this stressful time in my life. Apparently I was wrong, clearly. I hope you don't just listen to one side of the story and think it's fact, because obviously a few people don't know the whole story.

Thank you.