Talk about your favorite types of knives like fixed blade knives; hunters/daggers/throwing knives/etc, folding knives; manual/assisted/auto/balisongs(butterfly knives), etc and any other type of knife you can think of.

Discuss your favorite knife manufactures like Spyderco, Benchmade, SOG, CRKT, Kershaw, BOKER, Cold Steel, KA-BAR, Gerber, BUCK, CASE, etc.

You can write or post knife reviews and discuss subjects like knife laws, knife modification or bladesmithing and anything else related to knives. If you're new to this subject then don't worry and feel free to ask questions. Have fun and don't be shy about starting new conversations. If you want to talk about something unrelated to knives there is also a general sub-forum. ;3

Just like with the rest of Gaia follow the rules of the ToS or you could risk getting put on probation or banned from the guild or worse(banned from Gaia). burning_eyes

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The Benchmade 530 - AXIS locking mechanism - GRN handle with partial steel liners - 1.88oz Check here for my mini-review.