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Kingsbrooke Academy.

The school was founded by Darren and Subtle Pike who, as they watched their children grow older, realized that they wouldn't have a school that would be able to handle them, and their supernatural abilities. And so, after a brief search, they found the abandoned shell that Kingsbrooke Castle. It was only after they had sealed the purchase that they discovered some...secrets about the castle. These secrets are closely guarded and kept under lock and key. Those that see a little too much...Well, they have a habit of going "missing."

Hello all, and welcome to Kingsbrooke Academy! A friendly and accepting community of Role-players. No need to feel intimidated here. If you're still kind of new to role playing, and need some tips and advice, we're more than happy to share!

This role-play is pretty much whatever you wish it to be! Seeing as we don't have a plot carved in stone yet, see it as a blank canvas for your mind to wander. Only one note: beware of what lurks in the basement.

So! We have a couple of rules, as one would expect! We go a bit more in-depth with these in the guild forums, but here's the basic outline.

~ * Rules * ~

1. Please be semi-literate! Complete sentences, at least a paragraph reply (4-8 complete sentences that AREN'T dialogue, third person POV please.)

2. No god modding! Things like invincibility, power beyond their skill, suddenly being able to defeat EVERYONE, etc. is NOT acceptable!

3. If your character goes down into the basement, and runs into one of Kingsbrooke's "secrets" PM an Admin, if you don't want your character to die. We'll send down Orchid to come and fetch them.

4. Smut is to be taken elsewhere. Keep the forums clean.

5. Gaia Guidelines and T.o.S must be followed!! Can't stress this enough. We don't need our guild getting reported.

6. A maximum of five characters per person, please.

7. If you have any issues, please message an admin about them!! We're more than glad to help, and will do our best to try and solve it as quickly as possible.

Now that we've run through the rules, there's ONE MORE THING that we need you to do!

When you go to fill out your request, start it with the line, "To the Headmaster and Mistress of Kingsbrooke Academy," and then put a little roleplay sample below it, so we can get an idea of where you're at! If we don't see any major issues with it, it'll be accepted. If it's turned down, we will try our hardest to PM you and let you know what was wrong with it, and you'll be free to try and apply again. Feel free to send a link to your sample thread in place of writing out a new sample!


Thank you!

- Jack_o_LanternsinJuly and Moon-senpai