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Now, have you heard the story of "Cursed Family"? No? I'll tell you a long forgotten tale, that the king and queen doesn't like to say, but it does matter if you're going to live or not.

Once a upon time, there lived a family of Uzima, that whoever were in it's bloodline have the right to rule Amethyst, however their enemies cursed their family. The princess dies at age 16, and the prince will have scars that will appear in the full moon and let him feel the intense burning. Even though the curse hasn't been lifted it has been going on for at least 4000 years, and they are waiting for someone to put this curse to an end. But so far no luck. The legend tells us that someone will come to be the Cure to all it's people and to everyone, but no one has claimed it, not even the doctors could do anything about it. This curse was created was by a group named "Secretive" they somehow put this curse to the Uzima family and now the Uzima family are at steak. Whoever tries to stop the curse of the secretive's will be killed without questions and whomever is the protector will slay them and set the Royal family curse free.