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Welcome All to Kingdom Key Academy!

Please take a few moment to peruse our Guild home
and take a look at what we have to offer inside as well.

About Kingdom Key Academy
It has been many decades since the last person to try to open and
harness the rare power of Kingdom Hearts was vanquished. In this
time of peace, new keyblade masters have emerged as well as a school
dedicated to teaching the next generation of heroes (if ever the need

The time is drawing closer, new keyblade masters are soon to be tested
and will either be deemed worthy of receiving the Mark of Mastery or

How to Join
This process is easy.
Just send in a request to join telling us who you are, why you want to
join, and a small RP sample.

If you can attach a link to a reference like a past/current guild your in with
the number of post you have. That'd be an ok substitution for the RP

-No Flaming
-No God-Modding
-Follow the Gaia ToS
-Keep it PG-13 (at the most)
-Don't side track from the whole "KH" theme
-Ask before creating new Topics in Worlds
-Please don't use Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy characters unless the guild captain or vice captain allows it.

Follow those and I promise you you'll have a good time biggrin

The Kingdom Key Academy (v.3)