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What is this guild about?

This guild is about the Kingdom Hearts series. It is a community where members can enjoy roleplaying in the Kingdom Hearts Universe, talking about Kingdom Hearts in general, or even just meeting new people and having fun with them.

What do we expect from those who roleplay here?

This is primarily a roleplaying community. Though it is not strictly a place to roleplay, you can expect that roleplaying will be the main focus of the guild. As such, we expect roleplayers to not only have good grammar, but also be able to write at least two paragraphs with every post. This means each paragraph must have at least 6 sentences.

What can you expect from us?

We provide our members with exciting and interactive story plots that keep you guessing with each and every post. We provide you with a list of various abilities that one can learn in the roleplay, and the chance to roleplay as anything you want. We use races such as: Keybladers, Heartless, Nobodies, Knights, Wizards, or other kinds that you may think up. We also have an exclusive race known as the Bioheartless, which are hybrids of a Keyblader and a Heartless.

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These are things that can or cannot be permitted in the guild. I expect you to follow them, or it can have serious consequences.

*Never Godmod. No one in the guild is all powerful, except for those that are part of a story plot and they need it. In these cases, they always lose that power at the end of the plot.
*Don't kill anyone or autohit. Give them a chance to respond, and if you don't want your character dead, then don't think that anyone else will. You can only do it when you have their permission.
*Characters have to be original. In some rare case that I'll allow a canon character, you have to apply for the position and I'll even include a list of the characters available.
*Don't disrespect moderators or other players. No exceptions!
*Moderators are also forbidden from disrespecting other moderators and other players.
*There may be minors in this guild, so it must be kept PG-13.
*If you have a problem, then talk to a moderator.

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Worlds are living beings. They sleep, they dream, and they have a heart. Always, people have looked at them as sources of power. However, they are unaware of how much power they truly hold.

Worlds dream, and they also remember. Mankind may forget the past, but the worlds themselves do not. Able to remember, they have been known to rarely bring fragments of the past back to the present. That is to say, they create an illusion of the past.

Though we do not know why it is that they do this, we know that it is important.


Simply because it is part of the prophecy. They say that the worlds will fall asleep. When they do, they shall begin to dream. Fragments of these dreams will be brought to life by Kingdom Hearts. When that happens, the worlds will finally awaken.

The light within their hearts shall take their true form. Beings of immense power shall rise from the ground, taking back what was once theirs.

But, the worlds are not as pure as the Princesses of Light...

These beings have darkness in their hearts as well. All it takes is one push, and the beings will transform. Beings with the power to bring life, shall live only to spread death.

These beings, however, still sleep.

However, they cannot remain this way forever. As other beings continue to exist, they shall continue to interact with the worlds. It won't be long now until they awaken...

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Want to Join?

If you wish to join, just send us a sample of your roleplaying skills. Also, to make sure that you have read this, we request that you write 'Kadaj' in your request.

Donations made to the guild directly cannot be accessed, and we currently don't need any more subforums. If you wish to donate, then please donate to our guild mule, KH_Re Ash.

Click here to donate to our guild mule.