Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, etc. Requirements

This guild has had some inactive Roleplayers. If you are a Roleplayer and wants to join, you must give an example of your Roleplay expertise in the reason to join this guild box. We will not accept anyone that says, "I like FF and KH" or "Please let me join". We aim to be serious Roleplayers, and keep non-Roleplay content in the OCC Chat forum. A profile is required, and if you are struggling to find a place to jump into, just ask help in the OOCC chat. We'll help you. To avoid doing a "Guild Clean Out", be able to post and be active at least once a day or once every week. Or post more! We hope you enjoy this Roleplay guild and awaken the imagination from within.

New Keyblade Wielders awaken from their sleep....

It's been years after Sora had taken up the Kingdom Key and saved the Worlds and Destiny Island multiple times. But now, a new threat approaches, putting all worlds in mortal danger. Young and old Keyblade Wielders are awakened from their sleep and are put to the ultimate test by a mysterious Keyblade Master that they meet when first awakened on the quiet sands of Destiny Island. They must find their true strength, courage, and understanding through the influence of the mighty Keyblade. They will meet many characters, both of Light and of Darkness, and will learn how to accept each other. The new Keyblade Wielders will rise as one to defeat the dark force that threatens all.... and discover that true friendship and unity comes from their hearts.
A new threat has risen, a dark figure that wants the blood of his enemies. Our Keyblade Wielders face off with this new evil in attempts to save the worlds from his dark clutches, but another threatens to break down the beautiful foundations of Radiant Garden and the original town of Twilight Town and Traverse Town. Our heroes face off with a terrifying threat that is wanting the head of a special Nobody and the blood of all who stand by it...

Now, it's time to awaken. All we have to do is....

Open the door.

The Fantasy Starts Here....

New heroes rise as the electric power company, Shin-Ra has been rebuilt and brewed up more trouble, invading Wutai again for its large amount of Mako, chasing down new and old experiments, and sending a new villain, Damnation, into a rage. The new Final Fantasy series starts here, and old heroes and villains come forward to aid the new ones, or wreck more havoc...

Can't live without them!!

1. No Godmodding.

2. Keep profanity to a minimal.

3. Don't complain. You don't know how much I hate it when people complain... If you're left behind in an RP, don't say anything, just post something so we know you're character is still with us. Don't rant about how we left you behind. Or ask where we are in the OOCC forum.

4. No killing other guild members unless given permission by the user of the character.

5. When RPing, don't go off topic. There will be a topic for random stuff.

6. Be nice! And be an active guild member! Inactivity will result in you getting removed for the guild.

7. When joining this guild, put in a sample of your Roleplay expertise and also put the word Neodammerung in the reason to join box as well.

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