:: Destiny Base Storyline::
In an alternate universe to the games, in a universe were Sora, Riku, and Kairi never existed, there stands one Order of the Keyblade gathering those with strong hearts to help them defend Kingdom Hearts.

On the Other hand there is The Heartless, those who have fallen into darkness and now seek to open Kingdom Hearts for pure darkness. They also kill and collect stronger hearts to produce more heartless and to grow in power themselves.

The unknown threat are the Nobodies. Nobody knows what the Nobodies want or their desires for Kingdom Hearts. Inthe midst of the mass of unevolved, there stands humanoid Nobodies in black cloaks, and thier desire is to unlock Kingdom Hearts to become whole again...

...What role will you play in the War of Hearts?

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This guild is stat based RP, and offers a unique twist on the Kingdom Hearts universe. If you'd like to join, simply send a join request with the following.

1.) Were did you hear/find out about us?
2.) How much do you know about Kingdom Hearts?
3.) Are you literate?
4.) a Roleplay sample paragraph with Kingdom Hearts flavored RP.

Hope to see you with us.

The guild isnt in dire need of donations, and the guild account has plenty of gold, but if you feel compelled to thats fine all in its own