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Hello, and welcome to Beyond the Door, a long-standing Kingdom Hearts roleplaying guild of Gaia! We're just a little corner of the site, crazy about KH (from the first, all the way to Dream Drop, and eagerly awaiting 3!), and we've been around since 2004.

Though our original RP "First Generation" (which our guild was previously named after) is retired after 2409 amazing pages of equally heart-wrenching and heartwarming stories, and its sequels are no longer up and running, we still have a variety of roleplays from which to choose. These include (but certainly are not limited to!):

  • "Kingdom Academy", an Alternate Universe RP focused on the training of heroes and their "Galiants", Disney entities bound to their heart.
    • Roleplay Leader: Mizu_Kage_Hikari

  • "A New Generation", an RP harkening back to the original guild namesake, "First Generation". It's still under construction, but keep an eye out for updates!
    • Roleplay Leader: fractalJester

  • "Heartfelt Adventure", an RP about Earthlings being sucked into the Kingdom Hearts universe. This roleplay is invite only, however, so if you're interested, stick around for awhile and participate in some other things--we tend to pick out people who show dedication!
    • Roleplay Leaders: fractalJester, Je Suis a Tois, AldrickZearse, Jeimuzu Kuro, Mizu_Kage_Hikari

And those are only our main KH-themed roleplays! We also feature a Non-KH Roleplaying Forum, in case you want to depart from the main theme and try a little something new! One such roleplay is really taking off:

  • "Digimon: Earnest Wind", an RP whenein you--that's right, you!--get sucked into the world of Digimon! The period is Summer 2016, and you discover that the fantasy stories about the digital monsters apparently have some basis in fact--but what will you do? Who will you become in the Digital World?
    • Roleplay Leader: Banshee Coffeetime

Overall, we encourage people not just to take part in these, but if you want, start your own! We're an open community and happily welcome anyone interested in writing or chatting with us.

How to Join the Guild

Please pay attention to this!

Originally, we required a roleplay sample and proof that you've read the rules of the guild. However, we've recently decided to change this! We now only "require" the following in your applications:

  • Which Kingdom Hearts games have you played?
  • Which is your favorite?
  • Why do you want to join us?

It's as simple as that! There's NO "correct" answer--just share your opinions with us!

By joining us, you acknowledge that you've read and understand our rules. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Joining the Roleplays

Find an open roleplay you're interested in, and follow its instructions! Generally, each roleplay has this format:

  • Roleplay 1's RP Thread
  • Roleplay 1's Profile Thread
  • Roleplay 2's RP Thread
  • Roleplay 2's Profile Thread

And so on. Once you've read the RP thread's rules, you'll go to the Profile thread, take the template, and fill it out. Once you've done that, you'll usually post it in the Audition thread--all KH roleplays use the same thread, at the top of the Sub-Forum (it's titled "Audition Thread"!), and the same goes for all Non-KH roleplays.

After that, you wait to hear from that roleplay's leader(s). They'll either approve you, or work with you until you're approved! Some critique may be involved, so prepare for that, but we just wanna make sure you're in tip-top shape!

Starting a Roleplay

You read it right, you can start your own roleplay! If you have an idea for a story that you want to share with the guild, then by all means, do so!

  • Start a thread in the right Sub-Forum and set it up however you want.
  • Want to use the Audition Thread? Sure! Don't want to? Okay!
  • You're the roleplay leader! You decide how to run it, who gets in, what the setting is... everything!
  • As long as the roleplay sticks to Gaia rules and the Guild rules, then you're completely free to write as you please!

Honestly, it's that simple. You could do this in Barton Town, if you wanted. But the reason we're here is to offer a closer community! Here, your RP won't suddenly get lost, buried underneath hundreds of others--and you'll be surrounded by people who love Kingdom Hearts as much as you!

Suggestions Before Roleplaying

After you've joined the guild (or before, if you're interested!), we recommend you take a look at our Roleplay General Info Thread! It's been put together by a number of writers with plenty of helpful tips and guidance.

Also, Introduce Yourself! No, seriously, that's the name of the thread. We have an entire thread dedicated to meeting and greeting new members!

Come in! Get to know us!