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It's a day and age when the whole world has been united under one man's rule. A distant descendant of Ganondorf, Kameo Dorf has accomplished what Ganon could not: World Domination

Unlike his ancestor, Kameo did not twist the creatures of the earth or raise the dead as his minions. He relies on the free will of the people to bow to him, and if they don't, well then they get executed. People have learned that if they have a problem with Kameo to keep it quiet.

The castle is a normal castle with a moat with enchanted alligators, and behind the castle lies the graveyard of Dorfs. Other than the graveyard, everything worth viewing is inside of the castle. Similar to a miniature world, there is everything from dungeons to horsing corrals. Archers keep an eye on the outside of the castle day and night, and guards prowl the hallways and passages to keep everyone in line. Kameo's quarters are located on the top floor of the main section of castle. He knows all the secret walkways, and every trick there is to the castle.

Kameo opened his castle up to very few people, but still there are the daily messengers that come in and out regularly, his body guards that mill around the premises, and Gerudos here and there. Hostages are held inside the castle, and their doors are guarded constantly. There are chefs for the meals, and trainers for the guards. Kameo's castle offers lots of employment opportunites, but very few have the courage to dwell within the same building as the man who owns the world.

To Join:
Give us a reason of why you want to join, and just a sampling of your past roleplaying skills. It doesn't need to be anything too fancy, just let us know you aren't a noob. Remember, we're a Semi-Literate Guild.

We're Sister Guilds with "Storm Haven"!
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