Inspired by monster shows such as Digimon, Pokemon, and Monsuno, this roleplay is a monster fighting tournament, storyline anime, and battle RP all at the same time! Here's the story:

In the past, the world was racing toward the future at an alarming rate. From PCs to the iPad, new technology was developed nearly every day or so. Soon, companies decided to genetically engineer monsters and set them loose on the world to see what humanity would do....

In 20XX, these monsters are now as common as any other animal. People soon found that they held incredible power and began training them as fighters for their amusement. Years later, these monsters have adapted and now are willing to fight. People have become kinder toward them as well.

Unsure what to do next, the countries of the world held a meeting-over 100 nations decided on how to keep monsters and people safe but allow them to fight. Finally, it was decided-special tournaments would be held every so often in a certain city. That city is here.

Welcome to Kakusei City, where humans battle using monsters and advanced technology is part of everyday life.

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And there you have it, the story of this roleplay! Now, on to the rules

1. NO GODMODDING. Just because you have incredible power at your disposable in the form of a superpowered monster, doesn't mean anything.

2. BE SOMEWHAT LITERATE. Textspeak, l33t speak, and no capitalization isn't allowed here.

3. NO CYBERING. This not only violates the ToS, it's just plain gross. Don't do it at all-not even via timeskips or PMs.

4. WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE. Keep swearing to a minimum (nothing worse than "hell", please). This Includes sexual slang, racial slurs, and pervertes innuendo.

5. BE RESPECTFUL. That means no racial slurs, innappropriate slang, threatening another user violently, and so on.

6. SHONEN/SHOJO-AI IS ALLOWED. But keep it mild, and make sure that you don't violate other rules. Two female characters dating is okay; two female characters making out is not. Same goes for other relationships.

7. DON'T GET TOO VIOLENT. While this is in part a fighting RP, let's all keep our organs inside our bodies, please.

8. FOLLOW THE RULES. This should go without saying.

9. HAVE FUN! As long as you follow rules, have the time of your life here!

We are open and accepting and crew members are needed!

In your application, please include

1. Your favorite anime of this genre
2. Why you want to join
3. If you're interested in crew, and if so, what would make you a good crew member?