If you've been suddenly invited to this guild, it is intended to be the GGN advancement of "The Jew Guild" currently located in the Guilds forum.

For all those Gaian Jews out there, this is a place to come and converse with other Jews. Be you Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, Reconstructionist -- we don't care! We do not, however, like "Jews for Jesus."(If you are a J4J and really want to join, you'd better prove damn well that you will not simply barge in and holler about Yeshua this and Yeshua that. We would accept you for the Jewish cultural aspects you may share, not because we want to hear about your findings through Jesus, indirectly or whatever) You don't have to speak Hebrew, but if you're looking for nothing-but-Hebrew chat do visit our associate, the S'fat HaKodesh Guild.

Join Requests:

Please make it more formal then, "I want 2 join!!1" For example, state your experience with Judaism, levels of beliefs, and why you want to join the guild. "Because I'm Jewish" is not an appropriate or acceptable answer! It can be as lengthy or short as you want, but please at least a sentence or two minimum; we'll even accept bullet points depending on what you say! Also, please include the word "Moses" in your join request so we can tell you are literate and have agreed to all the terms and rules- you won't be accepted without it: no exceptions! It doesn't matter if you have it in an actual sentence or just stick it at the end- just have it in there somewhere! But you must have the key word in there somewhere, please! Even though there are several members who do not speak English as a first language, literacy and grammar are important here, so...please try to avoid NeWB and 1337 sp33k!

On a more serious not, there shall be no Anti-Semitism, Nazi promotion, or Jew-bashing here. Ever. If you engage in this behavior, you will be reported to a Gaia Administrator or Moderator as being in extreme violation of Gaia's Terms of Service, section VI, articles 1, 10-11, and 13-14. Especially article 14. We've done it before and won't hesitate to do so in the future.

To those who have been temporarily or permanently banned from the Jewish Gaians Guild: We're sorry that this was required. However, our job is to step in if people are making the JGG a downer for everyone, harassing JGG members via JGG posts or by PMs, and/or breaking the JGG rules.

So here’s the best advice we can give you: If you know what to do, and how to behave, and you don’t do it, there you bloody well are, aren’t you? If no one acts like a jerk, no one gets banned. So as corny as this may sound, it apparently is necessary: Be nice.

We have a very open acceptance policy, but please, try not to turn this into a religious battleground, either. Don't be all "OMGOMG JESUS IS SOOO WONDERFUL" or "OMG HEY GUYS THE MESSIAH HAS ALREADY COME AND YOU SHOULD ACCEPT JESUS AS UR LORD AND SAVIOR." This is a place for Jewishness and Jewishdom, unapologetically. We don't plan on prosthelytizing to you, so please respect us (and our faith) by returning such in kind.

And now, in the spirit of goodwill and hopes of a clean, envigorating Jewish experience here at this guild, a haiku from poet David M. Bader.

"Hava naglia,
Hava naglia, hava-
Enough already."

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