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JENOVA's Witnesses

In addition to the worship of Sephiroth and Jenova, we also host a plethora of other activities, from our spiffy guild Role Plays based in the world of Final Fantasy 7, to General video game discussions, original role plays, artistic critiques(of both visual and literary art), and even completely unrelated chatter.

Our subforums relate to most of the non-FF or roleplay topics, with exceptions

Our "Noli Manare en Memoria" subforum is a 'jounal entry' forum for the existing Final Fantasy 7 characters created by our guild members

The "Across the Stars" subforum was created by Zaber Blade and hosts a few smaller scale RPs.

"The City of Parte`" and "Bishoujo Paradiasu" exist entirely for your fanboy or fangirl pleasures. "The Ciy of Parte" is centered around the worship of pretty boys, while "Bishoujo Paradaisu" is for the admiration of those females who have caught your eye.

Lastly we have the "Artist's Alley" where you can show off your skills, and get some critiques or comments if you want them.

NOTE: This is a public guild, even if you haven't joined yet you are still free to post 3nodding

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