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The Japan 101 Guild is for those who wish to learn Japanese and the Japanese/Asian culture. This guild is aimed at beginners and will teach members not only basic Japanese vocabulary, but will thoroughly explain the langauge to allow followers to speak and write Japanese with a goal of basic fluency. Those who are proficient with Japanese are welcomed too, although you may not find anything too challenging for you. The guild includes:

  • Beautifly organized and understandable Lessons. (Study them!)
  • Study Aids with pictures fitted into a randomizer.
  • Charts for easy identification.
  • Puzzles and Games.
  • Guide on Japanese cuisine.
  • Information on Japan's culture and modern intrests.
  • Conversation Rooms with tutors.
  • Sound bytes for Pronunciation
  • A warm and friendly enviorment.
  • *NEW* Featured Guild Java Games! (New game coming soon!)
  • Links to other sites on Japan(ese)
  • And more...

All of our lessons and information are taken form legitimate books and offical Japanese material. None of it is made up, and we do our best to keep false information out of our guild. So you can rest easy as to know that you are getting proper lessons from actual souces and are not being 'gipped'. To find these lessons and activities, please search the SUB FORUMS and THREADS in the main forum area. I'd hate to have a student get lost. ^.^

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you read the lessons in this guild if you are to understand the Japanese language. Just interpreting translated pieced will not allow you a full comprehension on the language. The lessons may be a little a long and boring, but there is no other way to learn this language with out reading them! Please don't let my hard work go to waste, and please dedicate yourself to the language and study it correctly!

**Spanish to Japanese lessons will be available soon. Thanks to all who donated! ^.^

There are no guidelines for joining, just that you are truley intrested in Japan and it's culture and that you please inform me on how you found out about this guild. (friend, another guild, a signature, etc.) Please follow Gaia's ToS and read the guild's rules before posting. And please be an active member! Be sure to explore the guild throughly once you have joined!


I keep my guild "Hidden" mainly for security purposes and the fact that my main goal is to recruit more members, thus, one must join in order to see or post in the guild. And... if a Gaian were to ever have trouble with one of our lessons, they can always be sure to post here within the guild to get an answer as they will already a be member. But if you are still curious as to what the guild has inside, here are some Screenshots:

Main Forum Area
Lesson Sample #1
Lesson Sample #2
Lesson Sample #3
Study Aid