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Welcome to Jack of All Spades! This is a "Jack of all trades" deal.
Everything is here Role-play's,
contests, art, discussion, Newbie Adoptions.
Everything from A-Z!


1..Follow Gaian Terms of Service
2..No spamming/flaming threads/ANYONE.
3..No God-modding.
4..You MUST create an introduction. 4 LITERATE sentences at LEAST.
5..NO DISCRIMINATION whatsoever. There will be NO warning to this, if you read the rules, this is your warning. If not, get OUT.
6..NO page-stretching
7..You may advertise other guilds in a SPECIFIC sub-forum, and in your signature. NO WHERE ELSE unless requested, or given permission by Captain/Co-Captain.
8..Cursing is allowed, as long as not used in a provocative/slandering way!
9..Please add a "whambulance" before your introduction to let me know you read the rules. I want this SPECIFIC formatting...

Be sure to look in the main forum, and get the coding for the "Getting to Know Me" form!