Welcome to Izumo City! We have many amenities to offer for visitors and citizens alike. A few of the things we have include a resort, a hot spring, a night club, a few bars, a high school, and a marketplace. The citizens of Izumo City are honorable and kind people who would go out of their way to help any stranger. In fact, the city is owned by the local guild, the Guardians of the Aurora who work to keep all of Izumo City safe.

If you would like to live in Izumo City we have many fine living spaces for you to choose from. There are apartments, houses, and condos all built within walking distance of the downtown area and the nearby lake. And, for all you parents with teenagers out there, you can send your children to Izumo High School. It is a public school so it is totally free! You can choose to have your son or daughter board there or have them go home at night. Plus, it is one of the finest learning institutions in all of Gaia!

The weather is beautiful year round. In the spring and summer the surrounding mountains are covered with wildflowers and every day is sunny and pleasant. The lake is warm and good for canoeing, swimming, and fishing. In the fall and winter the city is covered with a light dusting of snow and the lodge in the mountains is open for skiing. The lake freezes over in the winter and is turned into a skating rink.

Does this sound like a paradise or what? If you agree, come on down for a visit and enjoy the beautiful weather and culture of Izumo City!