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Welcome to our caring haven. This guild was created back in O7' to provide a place for all women to feel comfortable
to talk about any problems, exchange stories and help each other by providing advice. Since then it has grown and
turned into a home that provides a place for all women no matter what their interests are. There is a place for
artists, role-players, debaters, gamers, moms, photographers, writers, readers and even those who enjoy having in
depth conversations or those who need advice or would be interested in providing advice. Overall, this guild is an
amazing place to meet some interesting people and create strong friendships. With so much activity and entertainment,
it is impossible to be bored, so why not come join this family?

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30 Sub-fourms:
      To provide a place of interest for every member. These sub-fourms include
      a place for artists, debaters, photographers, gamers, mothers and much more.

      To keep all members entertained, we create 3 huge events each year as well
      as many contests throughout the year.

A Member Run Art Shop:
      13 members have created a joint art shop to sell their beautiful artwork at a

A Buddy System:
      A well organized operation to match up members with similar interests and goals.

Guild Certificates:
      To recognize members who are active, caring or have an outstanding talent,
      we reward them with a beautiful certificate.

Facebook Group:
      We provide a place for those who are unable to easily access Gaia. It creates
      a place to get a lot more personal with members.

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Step 1: Click the Join Button above provided that you are female.
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Step 2: Briefly let us know how you found the guild and why you'd like to join in the field provided.
Step 3: Press submit.

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January 2O13.
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