The Isles of Xperia have a nation of several city-states that have outlasted nearly every other kingdom in all of the planet of Sypria. They consist of the five ancient races.

The humans, most numerous and proud but also greedy and deceitful. They populate most of the city-state of Xperia, the center of the isles and the largest and most important when it comes to external affairs.

The Elves, the oldest, wisest and most attune to magic nature. They can live immortal unless killed by an outside force other then age. They populate the forests and groves of the city-state of Everwater. This is where the treaty of Alanidon was signed and drafted, combining all the city-states together in defense of all their borders 300 years ago when they were last invaded.

The dwarfs are short, strong, and simple folk. They keep to their mountains and caverns, mining for precious metals and gems and only interact with the outside world when there is either money or a battle involved. They are loyal and blunt and live for around 700 years before dying of age. They are a very rare sight outside their kingdom of Henegron. A city-state deep in the mountains of Helegorn.

The wizards and witches of The Isles all come together, a mix of all races except dwarves, which keep their own magic users as clerics. Since time unknown the magic users have resided, maintained, and protected the ancient city of Dogurada. This is mostly by choice but they are kept in line my a line of Templars, knights who use the powers of magic and life draining to keep the wizards in check and from over-powering the Isles and taking control. No witch or wizard is said to be able to leave the city without the Okaycof the Arch-mags and the Head Templar.

The final race, a mysterious and quiet one. Their people do not hate outsiders but visitors to their lands tend to either never return or are never the same if they do. The Elderon, they are said to be just elves but their skin is ebony and they stand slightly shorter and more slender. They are the only race that holds Females as the dominant sex because they tend to be larger then the males. They hold the ability to read minds and teleport. Their skills of the mind outmatch any mages. It's said that their kingdom once encompassed the entire world but after a series of internal struggles and slave risings they are left the least numerous race in the world. The majority live in the city-state of Eludor. A city that is said to be built on the landscape of their final battle, on top of the bodies of the dead.

The city-states have all fallen back into a time of great friction with each bickering over territory and trade rights. And with invasion from outside nations always a threat it's up to the citizens, warriors, soldiers, wizards and assassins and simple shop keepers to decided the fate of the land.

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