Tino AKA Weed

Founder - Weed.

Vice Cap - Savage

Yall Probally hear a me, I'm San[Tino] AKA Weed, i put it in brackets cuz people usually jus call me tino but anyway I've been from 07 on this b***h so you can imagine i seen all the old school gangs from MOB to D-block. Anyway, I got banned a couple times, actually like 50 times for dumb s**t like hacking, i had so many user i cant even remember buh like u cud even call me a Gaia OG lol.

Well to start IOC is on a different tip. In this family we stay connect n discuss stuff like money, spit our rap game and just overall chilling. IOC is one of the biggest gangs in west London i am a part of. I.O.C means intelligence over cops, This means that even though we might be them black people in the struggle, If you smart wit yo criminal ways then yo niggah self don't get caught.

So basically what we do in this guild is like we just chill, you can make up Lil freestyles in the sub-forum, you can talk about stuff you questing, how you making money all that kind of stuff so all it is, is general discussion.

Another point. Even tho we are a family there are still ranks:

This will never be changed unless there a problems in future with this guild.

The person in charge of a Guild, often the owner or the person i have chose to run the guild with me.

Vice Captain:
if something happens to the Captain, you are responsible to do things such as sending announcements and recruiting people to the guild.

Crew Member:
Someone who has joined the guild for no reason but just in the list :/.

Then to finish, like every other guild we gotta have some rules:

1.This aint one of dem guilds so i dont want no flaming, roasting, cussing or whatever you call it.

2.Never violate any of Gaia's rules as far as hacking, racism, Predatation, threats, terrorism, and so forth.

3. If you leave you will be outcasted as a weak and unloyal.

4. No tryna hack other people in tha family

5. Do not post stupid topics in the main forum, they will be removed.

6. Put IOC in Ya name if you can

7.When we ride out, we do it as a team


Aint gonna make this extremely long like some guilds to make it all professional n stuff, maybe in future but not now. Alot of yall know me already, some know me as Tino, however from back in tha day most of yall know me as Weed. This is a guild i made called rap nation as you can see. What i wanna get straight is some people will be better than otheres. this guild is just to see what other people think of your freestyles and rapping. Hell i aint tha best in the world bu the fact that i like rapping is why i do it. So just spit your game n have a game n just have a good time. Das it for now n i don't want this guild to die out so ima announce weekly with s**t like new mixtapes and stuff like that, thats it for now.

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