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In A City Where No One Rules And Wars Rage, Invictus City Needs A Leader. Do You Have What It Takes To Run Your Own Faction Within The City? Create Your Own Stores, Your Own Homes, Alliances, And Compete For The Grand Prize, The Chance To Rule Over The Other Citizens Within Invictus City!

But Beware, In A City So Full Of Chaos No One Can Be Trusted And Your Rule May Be Short Lived.

The Factions - And Current Leaders
The Royalty- iAtta
Thieves Guild- Buttersboy32
Wolf Pack - Crazy eyes for life
Vampire Clan- creech85
Mercenary Guild - Draka The Solitary
Demon Circle - Kege_Rensu
Rebels of Invictus - Kitiara_Fox
Angel Haven - Maya Rehna

Obey Gaias ToS
No God Modding (This includes OOC Cheating)
Killing Allowed Only With Select Permission
Must Post Frequently And Give The Clan Leader Notice Of Any Extended Absence Before Hand.