Welcome to Inverse Pixels: The Tek Tek mall.This was the brain child of -0iOi0- and a joint effort of -0iOi0-, Daggger, and nefret2011. Our dream guild is finally coming true!!!
We are more than willing to do our best to make your dream avatar according to your wants and needs.
We have 9 tektekers who are all great at making tekteks. Come in and look around, join, and see if you can find something you like! I'm sure you'll find a tektekers that can make you happy!
Again, welcome! And enjoy your stay!

Guild is:
We are NOT accepting applications for Tektekers! Thanks!

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Our Sweet Maps for easy peasy Navigation!
You wanna hit the Food court first? Or a few shops?

Floor One:
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Den of Evil
Citrus Skinz
Muncher's Fantastic Fashion Boutique
Outfit Depot

Frequently Asked Qustions

Floor 2:
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The G I o m b i e TekTek Shop
Arix Unlimited
Sorrow Kingdom
•The Food Court(is currently under construction)•

Enjoy Filling your bags with lots of amazing avatars! With Ten Tekkers with a variety of styles, you have the whole world of creativity and expression at your fingertips. Right Here. Right at Inverse Pixels THE Tek tek Mall!