Welcome to the IPTBC!
A guild created for all forms of trading and battles, what kinds of trades? What kinds of battles?
Supports Pearl, Diamond, Platinum, HeartGold, SoulSilver, Black, White, Black2 and White2.

Legit trading, you love Pokemon and you have your favorites but you want to keep it clean and work hard? The community here can help you achieve your goal.

Legit battles, so you love the challenge and triumph of a Pokemon battle? Your skills and Pokemon will be put to the test here. Gyms and E4 to be added later!

Hacked trades, Pokemon fans have traded and battled their favorite Pokemon for years but maybe there's always been that one fire Pokemon you wish could use surf, just for the heck of it or maybe there's a certain shiny legendary you've always wanted but find too difficult to get normally, consult the people here! * Special rules in place for this section*

Hacked battles, a normal battle can be pretty challenging, pretty tough in itself but the sparks really fly when anything goes! Test your luck, skill and overall Pokemon hacking skills here! * Special rules in place for this section*

Besides the battle and trades, maybe you just need help? Advice? The community here are filled with various bits of information. Make a post, ask around, get an answer!

This guild was created in the hopes of offering something for everyone, to bring fans and players of the Pokemon game series together in one whole community.