This guild was created to serve as a unique superhero-super-villain style rp with a level and stat system. However, there is no dice rolling or any of that stuff required. People may express their creativity in creating and acting out their characters, stories, and lives to the fullest extent. The main rp is a sci-fi rp in nature, so we aren't going to have magic, or souls, or afterlives, or spirits, or any of that. We may extend some smaller roleplays that could include magic realms, and that stuff, or even more...flamboyant style superheroes ((justic league, power rangers, etc.))

We offer a Semi-Literate to Literate Role-playing.

Our rules are simple.

Tell us when you'll be off for extended periods of time. (IE more then two days.) you don't need to explain the whole story, just "I need to be away for 1 week due to..." That's all. nothing more, nothing less.

Please keep things around PG-13, at least within the guild.

Please No text speak. w3 d0nt lyke d1s. We would like some sort of resembelence to English and written English.

If you have any questions, feel free to Pm me or other crew members.

Last rule. Follow TOS Rules.