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Welcome to the Infamous Dragons of Gaia! We are a group of individuals who are, or have an interest in dragons. Threads vary, and the guild may change as it grows. Please don't feel hesitant to join up, all races welcome.

How to join.
To keep scammers and unpleasant players from getting in, I do require you fill out the request form. Just list why you want to join, if you are a dragon or a dragon lover, and just anything else you may wish. I WILL NOT ACCEPT BLANK FORMS!

1) Of course follow all of the standard Gaia rules
2) Be respectful and courteous everyone else. Be a gentledragon, or lady and please respect others in the guild.
3) If you have any issue with anyone BRING IT TO ME before you decide to go off on them and get yourself possibly kicked out.
4) You are free to request forum ideas to me. But please don't make your own unless there is consent to make one.
5) Please no trolling...just don't do it please.
6) Keep things PG-13 please.
7) Keep any romance(not that there needs to be any unless we role play) to a minimum if you have to do it.
cool Please try not to curse. Sometimes it happens, but you have a backspace. There are many other words I am sure you can replace. This is just for coureousy of some of our younger members.
9) Don't taunt others. We don't need it, no one likes it, goes back to rule 2, just be respectful.
10) Some of our members may not be dragons, so those of you that are, please treat other races like kin, we want to keep a kind peaceful environment here.
11) Please keep real world controversial issues elsewhere. we all know they are there and they will most likely pop up, but please take it elsewhere if you must.
12) Most of all HAVE FUN, this is a social/interactive guild where others of the same love and interest in dragons can socialize.
PS I usualykeep a 3 strike policy when it comes to breaking a rule. But if I find you are doing it on purpose or to purpously anger another member I make acceptions to this rule and I may decide to kick you.
(I will inform you if I am going to kick you and for what reason, if you can prove to me you did nothing wrong, or justify your actions, again I can make acceptions)

PLEASE DON'T PUT ANY GOLD INTO THE GUILD DONATIONS BELOW ↓↓↓ Send any gold donations to Infamous Dragons my mule account who will keep track of all donations. Thank you!