I cannot die...

Hello, welcome to In the Midst of Fallen Dreams. This guild is a roleplaying guild, so please, if you join, stay active. If you don't, you'll be warned in around 5 months. Then, after one month if you still don't respond, I'll remove you from the guild. But if you want to rejoin again, you have to message me. Thankyou.

Black List:
No one...yet.

The roleplays we have currently:

~Warriors-Sun, Flight, Dew, Breeze, & Darkness-A new Era

-A warriorcats roleplay. It consist of five clans. SunClan(ThunderClan), FlightClan(SkyClan). DewClan(RiverClan), BreezeClan(WindClan), and DarkClan(ShadowClan).
Clans News

Echoleaf's kits are born!

The clan is healing from the diseases that plagued all the clans in the beginning before the chosen cats went to find herbs.

Grasskit, a chosen cat, is now missing after the journey.

Wishpaw, a chosen apprentice, is healing from broken bone injuries.

The cats are having a reunion after the chosen cats come back.

~Neko Legends

-A nekos roleplay. Nekos living in a remote area. There are two sides to the neko ranks. The order nekos and the chaos nekos.

~Kitsunes of many elements

-Kitsunes live in a reserved area. They live in skulks, which are like packs or clans. There are five skulks. FireSkulk, ShadowSkulk, WaterSkulk, EarthSkulk, and WindSkulk. The kitsunes live in different skulks depending on their power. At harvest moon the kitsunes have to stay in fox form for the entire night against their will, on the lunar eclipse they go mad with rage and turn into full fox form of their will.
Skulks News

Nothing much.

The apprentice run was just over.

Nothing much.

Nothing much.

Nothing much.

~Bloodthristy Academy

-An academy located deep in a forest is an academy for wererwolves, vampires and humans. Soon to be adpated into an online story! Site will be given when it's written.
Academy News

~Cities in the Clouds

-You're teleported to the wards of the cities in the clouds suddenly one day. You awaken to have a girl fill you in on everything. You were apparently 'worthy' enough to be chosen to fight. There are six wards. Each one opposite from the other. Sunshine, Ember, and Estival City on one side of the battle. The lights. And Moonlit, Aqua, and Aestival City on the other side. The darks. It's up to you to chose your side and fight for them..
War News

~Night Stars

-Constellations can be human. They have their business...and ranks. The horoscope constellations are like the noble rich humans. The minor constellations are like humans living in poverty and normal humans.
Constellations News

~Life after Death

-12 celebrities die on an airplane crash. 18 years later, in a high school, walks around 12 look-alikes to these dead celebrities. What no one knows is that they're the reincarnations of themselves. But not all of them are as popular as they should be. Now all 12 of them have to survive high school...again.
High School News
No proms, no rumors...yet.

Legends of the gods & goddesses

-Living life as an immortal all-powerful being isn't as easy as it seems.


~(Roleplay Idea By Master Snow Angel)
-Based on Vocaloid.

~Left 4 Dead

~(Roleplay Idea By Master Snow Angel)
-Based on the video game Left 4 Dead.

More coming soon!

...Since I was never alive.