Bleh. =w= A guild I made for Vampire Knight cosplayers and here we do contests and talk about Vampire Knight.. >w> Very Vampire Knight based. IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT DON'T JOIN YAH FOOS! BD lol Idk. ._. But yah! biggrin Please join if you do! ^^ And I don't mind if you like Zeki or Kanayuu and some like Aidki xD I don't mind! lol BUT NO HATING ON THE CHARACTERS! D:< Your aloud to hate them but don't be like I HATE KANAME or I HATE ZERO :/ That will make me mad and I will delete you out of the guild. >> Aaaand you don't HAVE to be cosplaying. >w> And if I feel like it I MIGHT start a roleplay forum~ ^O^