If you Lick It They will Come

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<i>"My touch makes kitties purr and doggies whine, if I touched you, I'd blow your mind..." ~Sythephire </i>

<b><i><u>The original Lick it thread:</b></i></u>
<b>Born:</b> Apr 05, 2006 <b>Locked:</b> 7/15/06

<b>Purpose:</b> A place for girls/women to meet up, chat, hangout, and relax in an accepting environment and meet other women like themselves without having to worry about people abusing them in any way for who they are.

<b><u>RULES</b></u> u.u;;; okaaay people <b><i><u>PAY ATTENTION!! </i></b></u> There's something <i>hidden</i> within the rules that I need you all to find. Just posting the words "I read the rules!" in your request doesnt tell me if you actually did or not. One of these rules clearly states what you need to do, and if I dont see the words I'm looking for in the request to join, you'll be declined and have to wait two weeks. Get it? Got it? Good!

1) Obey Gaia ToS

2) Dont discriminate, be it racism, sexism, or anything else. I wont tolerate it, not even kiddingly. Anyone who accepts the alternate female lifestyles and wont flame it is allowed here, but the prImary point is a hangout for females with alternate lifestyles. Please accept that.

3) This is a friendly hangout. Dont ignore anyone the threads. Just beCause your talking with someone already doesnt mean you cant talk to anyone else. Also, dont just sit there waiting for someone to say hello. Try to become involved in the conversations in the thread.

4) Read all the rules on every page, no skimming. In order to be accepted into this guild post the capital letters (not including the ones starting sentances) hidden within each of the rules posted on this mainpage in your request to join. each thread section may or may not have its own specific rules and topics, dont mix between threads.

5) This shouldnt have to be here, but no cybering, heavy make-out sessions, request to PM for "fun" advertising/begging for donations or anything else of that calibur or nature. Couples and Kuddling are fine, but when hands begin to roam and tongues come into play, its time to move it to PMs or be banned/reported. if you wish to advertise, go to the appropriate thread.

7) No fighting. You have an issue with soMeone? Take it to PMs.

icon_cool.gif Try to post in here at least once whenever you sign on. There's no point in being in the guild if your not going to spend timE in it.

Now Accepting Applications!

<b><u> How to Join: </u></b>
Its not that hard,
1) search the forums see if you like it
2) READ THE MAIN RULES and be sure you can obey them
3) send a request...There's something special I need in that request or you will automatically be declined from the guild. I need to be sure everyone has read the rules so READ THEM CAREFULLY

see? simple.