Hey this is just a simple guild to hang out and do whatevs. You can always discuss ur probs on gaia or rl the members are here to help! There will be contests held by me! But in order to do that we need donations! Plz dont donate to the guild unless u want to. All donations to the guild will only be able to be used to make subforums. So plz donate to our guild mule -Lover Gurl- Rocks. Once ur donation is handed ul be given a number and if me and the Vice Captains call that number ull win a prize! But of course like all guilds there is rules

1. Follow TOS
2. Absolutely no cybering
3. Dont bother ppl
4. Stay active I mean not participating for a few days is ok but weeks and monhs uh uh ur out!
5. Just chill. Dont go crazy!

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