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❖ Hello! ❖

Hello Gaian members! interested in something
fun? Well you can stop searching. Here, we specialize in master
and slave role plays. And we don't judge you. While most guilds
strictly say "No first person role playing", we say the hell with
that! You can do anything you like here! As long as the strict
rules are not broken. See the rules as followed.

⚜ Keep the harsh language to a minimum.
⚜ You need to at least post fifteen times a month
⚜ Each post has to be at least two lines long
⚜ Please put some effort into your role playing
⚜ If you're going to kill someone, please check
if it is alright with them first
⚜ There will be no 'Cybering' that I know of.
And if I, or any crew member happens to catch
you doing so, you will be kicked from the guild.

Please follow these rules and you will be just fine. By pressing
the join button, you have agreed to my rules and conditions of
this guild. And if you break these rules, you will be banned from
this guild. Please note that I want active members. I think I've
made my point. Goodluck!

With love,

★ Captain Kiba ★