Welcome to the Hunters Association
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The Hunters Association welcomes all fellow licensed Hunters!
In this network you can freely discuss matters happening in the hunter world, be it the 1999, 2011, or manga-verse, we accept fans of all versions of Hunter x Hunter. While this is not strictly a roleplaying guild, we do have a subforum for you to roleplay in!

Becoming a Hunter

Thankfully you, dear reader, do not have to go through the rigorous tests that are traditionally held to become a Hunter! All you have to do is fill out a small informational survey about yourself to receive your Hunters License, which is good to gain access to (almost) any forum in our guild.

General Rules

The backbone of any successful organization is a set of organized rules!
1] Be respectful of others!
2] Please mark all spoilers!!
3] Please do not spam the main forums.
4] When applying, make sure to add 'Jajan!' at either the header or the ending of your application!

The Survey
Find your nen type here!

[Preferred Name]
[Nen type]
[Favourite HXH character or story arc]

We hope that you decide to join us at the Hunters Association!
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