This guild's ownership will be given away to someone else in the guild, the guild may change and have a different name. The guild might be something else other than a charity guild, but if you want to join a socializing charity guild. Please join this socializing charity guild, ♪♫Hopes and Dreams♫♪. I want most of you to find people in need of gold or items, role players, zOMG players, booty grab players, tank owners and rich people to join the guild. The guild does say to fill out the aplication form to join, I strongly suggest to fill it out but you don't have to. I made the guild and did most of things on the guild. I made the guild home page except the "Hopes and Dreams" picture, but I did put it there. As for the announcements in the main forum I did that and titled the sub-forums. The announcement in the sub-forum police station was done by the current captain iCrazyBetch, but for now you can't take a look in it. The sub-forums are currently underconstruction. I will add on to this later.

we da cool -tim