This guild was made off of an rp I made a long time ago. In this guild, you can either play as an rp character, yourself, or both. You can relay to us your problems and pains and well will help you get through it. The guild will mainly run as if it was an Rp but there will be a section that is real life only. This is a christian guild, just remember that. You can also talk about God, Jesus, and the holy spirit. Basically anything that has to do with the Bible. There will be groups that either me or my crew run. Such as a Bible reading group where we discuss a diffrent part of the Bible each week.

1. Stick to Gaia's ToS
2. No flameing someone's part of the church.
3. I understand cussing is a normal part of life but let's try not to do it here.
4. As in all rps, no Cybering, Godmodding, auto hitting ( Unless discussed with person your fighting ), killing without permission, or puppeting.
5. Have fun.
6. If you want to have an rp character, fill out the skeleton below and pm them to me titled The Academy of Hope. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE AN RP CHARACTER, It is totally optional.
7. God is awsome. ^-^

Rp description v
Dear ______

We have ben informed that you recently have come into some rough times and we wish to aid you so that you may be able to get back on your feet. This Academy will keep up with what lessons you need as well as put in you a friendly environment so that you can make many friends. We also have groups that can help you get closer with God and Jesus. We sincearly hope that you will come and enjoy yourself.
Your Headmistress
Colette Brunel.

This is Hope Academy, a place for those who have had to many bad things happen to them at once and need help getting back on their feet. There will be fighting but no special powers except through Anime tech which are special machines that can give you diffrent ablities such as controle over water or light, or making your muscles stronger or legs faster. (If you have any that is your choice)

Character Skeleton

I can here the voice in my head ( Username )
You can call me (Character name)
I have blown this many candels out ( Age )
I can do this ( Skills and anima tech here )
I love this ( likes )
Keep this away! ( Dislikes )
Bio ( If you work at the school, give the reason why you work there, if your coming because somthing bad happened to you, make sure to tell us what happened. )
Yup, this is me ( Anime Pic )