Welcome to the...

Hollow Tree

...no Longer a Private Guild.

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Join the creative world revolving around greedy order men, spunky high school girls, a mute owl, sausage flinging slaves, and much much more. If you're not in, then you're missing out, and if you're lost, just PM the Captain or Vice for information.

The Hollow Tree is a place where hijacking camels is an acceptable past time, and for Literate to Semi-Literate Role-Playing, games, discussions, activities, chats, and pure fun. This Guild came from a small idea thread, called the Hollow Tree. I've decided to grow it into a guild dedicated to roleplaying, random games, and silly past times.

1. To join this guild - just make the request.
2. Do not disrespect this Guild in anyway, shape, or form.
3. Do not post junk threads, or junk posts.
4. Do not beg for items, or gold.
5. No spamming.
6. No Flamming.
7. I reserve the right to change any rules, or any thread.
8. You reserve the right to be you, and have fun.
9. If you have large images please reduce the size when using
them in posts, there is no need to stretch the page. Many will
be grateful for the conservation for their computers having to
process n' load. (Introduced by: Risetsute)
10. If I think of more rules I will add them.

Reasons why you might be here

You were invited by I, or other members.
You were browsing around and saw this guild.
You were bored with your average routine and felt the need to terrorize us.
You love us, and you feel the need to smother us (a tad too much) with affection.

Things you should expect from this Guild
• Games
• Chats
• Discussions
• Contests
• Acceptance
• Lit-Semi Lit Role-Playing
• And much more

[Please Donate to our Guild Mule, Safeira Vesperance, so we can host giveaways and contests.]