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Hello and welcome to Hogwarts, A Guild!
We are a Harry Potter themed role playing guild. Our world is set 50 years after the epilogue of the seventh book. Because of this, there will be no canon characters in this role play; we are strictly original characters. We also don't have a structured time line. One year of real time could be five in the roleplay. Yet events such as the Yule Ball will occur according to the real world's time line. If you would like to join our world, please continue reading to learn how to apply!

x// Ground Rules
--x. Follow Gaia's TOS.
--x. Keep it PG-13 please. It goes a long way.
--x. You MUST be literate. No chatspeak or 1337. Only proper grammar.
--x. Only original characters are allowed. That means no canon characters and no plagiarizing.
--x. Each roleplay post must consist of at LEAST one paragraph. That's a main idea and 3-5 well formed sentences.
--x. You must adhere to the specific rules posted in the main forum.
--x. Rules are subject to change.

x// How to Apply
--x. In your request to join, please give us a sample of your role playing ability.
--x. The sample must be no shorter than 2 paragraphs and no longer than 5 paragraphs.
--x. You can role play anything in the sample; it doesn't HAVE to relate to Harry Potter, though it is recommended that it does.

x// Affiliates
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x// Disclaimer
--x. Harry Potter's characters, worlds, and ideas belong to J.K. Rowling.
--x. Book and banner made by Fiendfyre.
--x. All images (c) to their owners.