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You are dropped off at a long drive to the old creepy mansion. It has acres and acres of land and is ran by a nice old lady who wants to do nothing more than help you out. Do you want the good news or the bad news about being here? The good news? Well the good news is you have either have magical powers or are a magical being. It is pretty cool isn't it? Oh...the bad news. Well the bad news is that you are an orphan. There could be a variety of reasons as to why you were left here but that's your own secret.

Now do you want the worse news or the horrible news? Yes it gets worse. The worse news is that hidden deep within the forest on the many many acres of the orphanage is an ancient evil that, until recently, was imprisoned in a tomb of black diamond to keep it from destroying the town in which this orphanage and it's predecessor, Sebastian's, is located. The small town of Lovinah was peaceful and filled with kind people when Sebastian's showed up. The kindly townsfolk didn't mind that the orphanage was there they thought it would be the best thing to help out the young people who were left alone. But that was before the Ch'arik (cha-reek) came. Sebastian's orphanage was just like Hinode's place in the fact that it took in the unwanted magical creatures and the Ch'arik, a powerful ancient evil that only wants to suck the life, and occasionally magical power if they have it, from everyone with it thus killing them and making itself more powerful, was drawn to the strong concentration of magic. But the Ch'arik, being an indiscriminate evil started killing everyone before the oldest and most powerful creatures from Sebastian's wrote a spell and lured the Ch'arik deep within the forest. They imprisoned it within the black diamond I mentioned earlier. That was a long time ago and the last of the old orphans just died, with him the spell died too weakening the diamond and letting the Ch'arik escape it's prison.

That history lesson ties in with the horrible news. Despite the fact that the orphans from Sebastian's saved them from the Ch'arik, the kindly people of Lovinah were convinced that if the magical orphans hadn't been there than the evil would not have come knocking on their doorsteps. A new found anger was born within their hears and they let a prejudice form. Eventually they formed a mob and burned Sebastian's to the ground. From that moment on they decided they didn't want any more orphanages in their town but the old lady who runs Hinode's is the daughter of the original couple who owned Sebastian's. She knew what would happen when the last orphan died and therefore fought long and hard to open the orphanage on the same ground as Sebastian's to try and protect the town from the Ch'arik. The main thing I'm trying to say is if you go into town, don't expect a warm reception and do not ever expose your powers to someone from the town. While most humans do not believe in the presence of "monsters" 50 years has not quenched this small towns fear. Now here's the big question...Will you stay here where people may understand you? Or will you leave and go seek refuge in a place where no one knows what you are.

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