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Welcome to the HighTail Cafe. We are a furry guild dedicated to the socialization of all furries. Anyone is welcome, but you must follow the following simple rules.

1: Obey the Gaian TOS.
2: Be open minded, no flaming - we want everyone to feel welcome.
3: Have fun, and don't take anything said too seriously.
4: All text must be readable by all. No MSN speak. Punctuation is a must.
5: Keep posts in their proper locations. The mods will help this along if need be.
6: No spam just to spam.
7: Most important, no drama please.

Joining rules:

1: To join the guild simply press Join Guild.
2: Wait to be accepted!
3: (Not required) Leave a message in the 'Welcoming New Members' thread introducing yourself.

RP rules:

1: Stay in character
2: Out of RP talk must be in some form of brackets.
3: Follow RP specific rules.
4: Allow time for responses, people may not be on all the time


1: Please do not donate gold to the guild. We have lots all ready, if you wish to donate please send all donations to the user hightailcafeguild (they can be found in the Users section of the guild) with the message 'Donation'. All donations will be used for guild related activities (such as contests).

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Affiliated Guilds:

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