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Will you open the veil to the doorways beyond or simply peek in for a quick glimpse? Hidden Veils is a doorway into other realms and worlds. Anything from fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Beginner and expert.

We have various sub forums for specific Role playing types and genres to fin most everyone's needs. If you're looking for one on one without the hassle of PMing all the time, or simply wouldn't mind sharing the creation as it goes. If you're into hardcore literate playing, where posts are as big as mountains, or if you're a beginner, or want to try your hand, we have a spot for you as well.

Come join us as the guild begins and see what we can create together.


Please no flaming of others in the guild.
Be respectful no matter skills, everyone has a right to their own styles.
Try to be active Minimum once a week check in, not just for contest or other guild updates, but so the others in the rpg's can continue without long gaps between posts.

That's all in a nutshell ^.^

Have fun and be creative!

~This is a new Guild, Still starting up! Looking for active new members.~