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Welcome to The Hidden Otaku Village.
I founded the village in 2014 as a way to meet more people, and make new friends. Since 2014 our guild has increased from just 4 members to 299. We are still growing! This guild originally focused on anime. As the guild grew, more ideas were brought up, so we brought in new segments and sections.

The guild features:
Anime and Manga Discussions
Art Shops
Freuqent Contests
Fan Fiction Forum
Off Topic Forum
Gamers Discussion Forum
Cosplays, and Cosplay Contests
And finally we host Guild Events.

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Guild Back Story
20 years ago, in a small village located on the outskirts of the rain forest was a devastating war. This war had led to the destruction of the village leaving most of the inhabitants dead. Before the village's demise, a man named Akihiko led his son Tamoya and a group of Women and kids out of the village and into the rain forest while the men fought for war. After traveling endlessly through the forest Akihiko, and the group stumbled upon what looked to be another village located in a tree top. Curious, Akihiko climbed to the hidden village. During his exploration of the unknown village, Akihiko noticed, holes were made in to the trees, creating a cave type home inside the tree. As he looked in the cave's he noticed not a single person was in the tree tops. Akihiko gleamed with Akihiko as he climbed down the tree. After giving the news of the trees vacancy to the group, Akihiko helped his son and all of the other group members to the tree tops. One by one the group members picked their caverns, and made home. The villagers soon elected Akihiko as Village leader, for all the hard work he had done to save his people from danger. Since that day Akihiko has worked hard, keeping peace between the villagers. With the villagers knowing they are the last of their kind.
Today the village has grown. The children have grown up, and started having their own kids. Akihiko and the villagers felt it was most appropriate that Tamoya became the new village leader. Few people leave the village, but they are the hunters who never go outside the rain forest. Our village has sworn to ignore the outside world for many years in fear of another devastating war. The villagers live happily in their home and have built around the tree leaving the original village here. Some villagers have already dedicated their lives to figuring out what happened to the villagers that lived here before us. Life in the Hidden Otaku village is a blissful experience. However, the history of the village has just begun and much is untold.

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More about the Guild and It's Rules
Here in the Hidden Otaku Village we take care of each other. If we see anyone bullying, or causing problems with other members, we will report them and ban them from the guild. We are a family in this guild, and will not tolerate disrespectful behavior. The guild leaders, want nothing more than to entertain you all. That is why we have several segments, to help you guys have fun. Ranging from anime quote guessing games, discussions on manga's, and contest ranging from cosplay to tek teks. If you can't find anything that interest you in the guild, then feel free to create your own thread.

We do have a few rules in the guild, but there very simple. Really all we care about is that all members follow all of the ToS given by gaia. We do ask that every member stays active. I know people have lives, but at least drop a post every few days. Please treat others as you would like to be treated. dont be rude/hateful. This isnt the place to spread hate. Try to keep posts related to the forum your in. We have an off topic Forum for anything that doesnt feel and I or the other leaders of the guild will move your forum to the rightful forum. However, we never like doing that. Our guild staff are extremely helpful, and will answer any questions you may have.

If you wish to donate to the guild I ask that you donate to the guild's mule account. All gold/items that are sent to the mule account Hidden Otaku Village will be used for our guilds charity and contest winnings. Please notify me if you send a trade or gifted an item to the guilds inventory so that I may log in to the account. Only I have access to the account. The reason we prefer the donations to go to the Mule account is because we already have plenty of gold for the guild. Infact the gold you donate directly to the guild can only be used for creating announcements and opening up new forums.

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