If you do not post your RPC and post after aproved at least once within the first to two weeks of your joining, you will be booted!

If you are inactive for a month or so, you will be booted!

When you send the request please include

Reason why you want to join.

How good of an RPer you are

How often you can be on

Will you read the rules first before you do anything?

Okay, Here are da rules
1> We do accept OCs.
2> Respect others.
3> Don't diss other OCs
4> Romance is O.K, just keep it at a PG-13 level.
5> NO Mary-sues and Gary-sue OCs. The OC history MUST be from real history.
6> If someone has your OC, don't complain. Just be a cannon.
7> No god mod.
8> THREE cannon MAX for each member (Zero Min. 3)

That's it I guess. In the Hetaoni fourm, only one charater per person. (PLEASE) You will have to grab them! PM me if you want to have 2 (ONLY 2) characters in Heta Oni. I has Prussia and Spain. TeeHee!