Welcome to Axis High. All the fun you'll ever have in High school. The nations gather here to make friends, gain knowledge and have fun. However, some weird things have been happening near the school and town around nightfall. People have been disappearing or getting harmed. Somehow, monsters from different myths have been coming to life. Destroying anything or anyone that gets caught in their path. It's up to them to protect the world from chaos.

This roleplaying guild is based off of the anime "Hetalia". If you want to join this guild, please don't leave your request form empty, you won't be accepted if you do. Tell me why you want to join and show a small sample of your roleplaying skills. This is a must. You won't be accepted if you don't follow these instructions. Also, if you're going to be absent for sometime, let me know. If you do not post anywhere in the guild for over a month and do not notify us of any reasons for your absence, you will be removed from the guild. Try to be on as much as you can. Read the rules so you know what to expect. Thank you.

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