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Welcome to Sol, that is the name of our planet, our land, it has been the identity of this planet since before any of have lived. Sol is a world clouded in mystery. Thousands of years ago, Sol was merely a wasteland, with scattered points of civilization alienated from each other. This was known as the "Nostradamus Era", Sol existed for thousands of years before this dark age, but it's history is forever lost. Though the Nostradamus Era has passed centuries ago, many Eras have followed. In every Era, there is only one notable similarity conflict.

Conflict defines existance, the conflict between good and evil, The Superego and the Id, Matter and Dark Matter. Sol defines this conflict brilliantly with it's never-ending battle between Good and Evil. In Every Era, Heroes fight Villains, the reason changes, but conflict remains. Not only have villains and heroes fought, but the conflict between the entities of Order and Chaos have also polarized Sol, with both villains and heroes claiming rites to both sides.

Welcome to the Incursio Vir Era, after 200 years without War, Sol hasknown a time of relative peace. But recently the Winds of Change have grown, the balance of power is tipping in favor of Chaos. Sol is split into multiple nations, each of them is preparing for war, whoile the conflict between Heroes and Villains continues.

The Aurumuan Republic is the last Democracy in Sol, it was once the most powerful nation on the planet, the world power, but it is decaying. It stays as a center of intellectualism in Sol, it's capital city of Dragon-Heart is one of Sol's largest cities. The United Lands of Touhou, the eastern-most nation in Sol, is a collection of tribes and clans united, their only similarity is the land they live in. While the Clans of Touhou have stood together for centuries, recently, there has been a divide between the clans, and Touhou is in danger of collapsing into civil war.

The Alliance of Honor, a collection of Authoritarian nations vying for world power, have grown to become powerful and dangerous nation. The City-State of Oculus, the Brehznov Empire, and the omniscient TIAMAT Labs have become some of the most powerful lands in Sol.

While elsewhere, other nations like the Hunter Nation of Seinbo and the Land of Nile have been recently established, potentially changing the balance of Sol.

Sol is a land in danger, it is in need of Heroes, brave men and women to combat the villains that trouble this world. Legion spoke of a wave of Heroes, and Villains, whom would drasticly change the face of Sol. Now, it is happening. Sol was attacked by a new threat, a faction of dimensional invaders, demons from a hellish landscape, led by the villain Mammon. Mammon threatened to destroy Sol, until he was stopped by a united fron of Heroes. Now known as the "Heroic Generation", the presence of a new generation of Heroes in Sol is known, but will they change the fate of Sol as the prophecy spoke of?


Welcome to Heroic Era, an RP that aims to capture the heart of action and adventure, heavily based on anime, Heroic Era is home to several characters that have been developed over several roleplays. Heroic Era has a friendly community eager for new blood, as long as they know what they're doing of course. This new version of Heroic Era aims to combine several genres of Roleplay, and develeoped a shared universe of severl inter-twined stories. Your character is dead in the center of a large world-wide conflict.


1. First, you MUST follow the Gaia ToS, you do anything that jeapordizes the life of this guild and we won't get alonge very well. The other rules kinda go with this one as well.

2. No Cybering, romance is something we encourage, but we don't want to see your character's sexy time, please timeskip or take it to PMs.

3. Listen and respect our Crew, they're only here to make the guild a better place, don't disrespect them. This rule esspecially applies to your profiles, if one of the crew says a part of your profile isn't good, change it, chances are they're right.

4. Be friendly and respectful to everyone, OOC and in the RP. That means no Auto-hittings, no god-modding, and no cheap-shots. Our crew will be very strict with character creation to make sure your powers are not overpowered.

5. Further on this rule, yes, this RP is heavily anime-inspired, it aims to form a sort of share-universe of anime stories. BUT, we really don't aim to capture some of the more ridiculous aspects of anime. In alot of RPs, we have characters that are straight from Dragon Ball or Bleach, teleporting everything, taking bullets and getting rips to shreds only to stand up, dodge bullets, punch a mountain, and destroy their opponent with a wave slash of power... yeah, we don't want that. A likable story that involves powers still requires a character that needs to be in danger. If your character is never in danger then there's no point.

6. If you wish to join, please put "I read this" in your join request, also it wouldn't hurt to talk about yourself a little.

7. Now for a more complex rules, this guild isn't just one RP, it's a collection of multiple RPs in the same setting, a shared-world, that will occasionally cross over with each other. There will occasinally be events, but as far as most are concerned, there are only two types of RPs in Heroic Era- Independant stories, which are run by normal characters, and Major Roleplays, run by the crew, which tell the majorities of this guild's over-arching story. When you make a character, he or she can only take part in one Major Roleplay.

8. You must be atleast semi-literate, post a title and picture with your post, and write in 3rd-person in this guild to avoid confusion. If you post in text-talk or just can't seem to spell anything write you won't be very well liked.

9. And now the most important rule of all... Have fun.