Hello and welcome!
This Guild is a place to RP, chat, discuss books, series, comics and things like that. What I would love to do is have plenty of RP threads open, hopefully there will be at least one that interests every member.

Now Club Sylar is sort of a meet and greet of sorts. Where new members can post. Feel free to submit ideas there or to personally PM me suggestions.

Now for the RULES! We all know them and I rather not have to babysit people so behave appropriately. I'm not getting paid to babysit, I'm not your Mother so don't make me act like it. I will just toss you out if you begin a problem. Consider this your warning!

RPs I hope to open Heroes, Harry Potter, fantasy style, Legend of the Seeker, Angel(vampire), Animorphs(aliens), Pirate, S/M, Star Wars, Heroes, SOA, X-Men, paranormal more to come but this should give you an idea!

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