They're often viewed as mirrors to another world. Where imagination is limitless that exists in a point between what is real to us and what is real to existence. An very subjective reality living organisms have.

In a reality different from ours, there were five different Kingdoms that spread out upon the vast lands: Lakis, Sukrat, Venos, Borealis, and O-Ratha. They all had their territories among the lands called Elven-Lands. Ruled by the five main races of the Earth: The Humans, The Light Elves, the Dark Elves, Angels, and the Demons.

From the highest to the lowest part of the social structure the Highest race in the social structure of the world itself is the Light Elves due to their wealth, power and fame, and the Lowest race in the Social Structure is the Chimeras which are hybrids of two or three beasts altogether. Long time ago Chimeras were wild beasts that would roam around in an area called the Forgotten Lands which are an closed off area of the Elven-Lands which belongs to the Chimera race. Unfortunately an curse was place among the Elven-Lands by the Necromancers which allowed 10 deadly creatures to come into existence and be an mortal threat to all races with no way to make these creatures extinct. The Undead.