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Hello, and welcome to the guild: ℌℯαℜт'ʂ ¢๏ƒƒιη - α ɠմιℓժ т๏ ժιe ƒ๏ℜ!

This is a guild for everybody and everything.
It includes everything from giveaways to role-play, you can find it all here.
Don't be shy or afraid to join us because we welcome everybody.

ℜմℓҽʂ т๏ ƒ๏ℓℓ๏ω⋮

Follow the Gaia T.O.S
No flaming, nor fighting ( we do not like drama )
Keep it clean ( perverts away! )
Keep your word ( we don't like liars )
Don't hate, appreciate!
Enjoy your stay!

Remember to read all the rules in the separate forum and sub-forum, they also count.
Also, only donate to guild mule!

Graphics by: Helloo_Bunny
Coded by: -iDesuuu

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