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This Guild Is A Home To All Of Gaia's Gift Lover's, And Is A Place For ANON-Gifting, Donating/Receiving, Questing, Role-Playing, Art, Chatting, Having FUN, And More!
REMEMBER! Turn ON Guild Announcements!

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This Guild Host Monthly Contests, And Giveaways, So, Pay Attention To Your Guild Announcements!

Rules in forum

1 Obey the Gaia TOS
2 Be open minded, no flaming - we want everyone to feel welcome.
3 Have fun, and don't take anything said too seriously.
4 All Post's must be readable by all. Not A LOT of "Text Talk". Please Use Sentences.
5 Keep posts in their proper locations. The mods will help this along if need be.
6 No spam just to spam.(Please ONLY BUMP Where Specified)
7 Most important, no drama please.
8 DO NOT Post Topics/ Threads, In The MAIN Forum/Main Topic, Without First Running Them By Me. If I Like Your Idea, Most Likely Will, Ill OK It, And You May Post In The SUB-Topic/Thread, NOT The Main Topic/Thread.

Use The Following To If Your Are Going To Advertise In Your Signature

[IMG] banners/banners for me/Haveaheartgiftbanner.gif[/IMG]

[url=] [IMG] banners/banners for me/Haveaheartgiftbanner.gif[/IMG][/url]

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To Join:
Select Join Guild Button


Just Send Gift/Trade To The Guild Mule "Have A Heart Anon" And, NOT THE GUILD "Donate" BUTTON!!!!
(That Can Only Be Used For More Forums, Not Helping Others)
Once Sent To The Mule, I Will Distribute Any Gifts Given As Anon Gifts To The Guild In The Official Anon-Gifting Thread!
You WONT See Her POST, Your Going To See Her Gift!

Thank You! All Donators Will Be Written In The Log.
Have A Heart Anon Is The Guild Mule! Send ALL Donations To Either Her Or Me. If She Doesn't Respond, PM Me And She Will Respond Promptly.

Donator Log:

AB91: ~


Donator - Donated

AB91 - Cutest Animated Banner Ever And Amazing Friendship, And Hope

Misplaced Morgan - An Amazing Banner And Friendship, 15k To The Guild Forums Account

King Zamiel - Two Gift Lovely Boxes

DarkNinjaMaster1000 - A Few Sweet Items

kittycat turk09 joseph - A Nice Bit Of Gold And Items

(Your Name Goes Here) - ~~~~~

killah cupcake - Gold And Items To Help Run The Monthly Giveaway!


(Your Gift Remains Anon UNLESS Is NOT Requested To Remain ANON Or It Is Guild Art; Banners, Guild Images Ect...)

Have FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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