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Welcome to Harvest Haven! A general guild role-play type, with so much more than just your every-day Harvest Moon ventures. Get to know a captain that has many more guilds that just this one, for example and find out how sometimes, having more than one husband/wife might be beneficial.

Join Request

If you wish to join please show us a small RP example so we can see your skills. If they are not that good the crew will be more than happy to help you improve.

The Story

Blue Bell village was once the most popular village in all of the Gardens due to its location, but since a curse has invaded the land and the Harvest Goddess is now a permanent statue, the village has become a near ghost town.

It is now up to the Goddess in training, Empress Dee, to revive such a remote place. Will she earn her wings? Will she be able to get rid of the threat that haunts it?

Be your own character to try and help Dee in her quest or be a part of the problem that threatens it.

You may also discuss other HM games in our other Sub-forums.


1.Don't god-mod.

2. No cybering! Marriage and babies and relationships are all part of the harvest moon world, but please understand this is a PG-13

3. Respect all members and ideas!

4. No Spamming. Spam is for eating, not posting in threads that do not fit the topic.

5. If you have suggestions, they go in the suggestions/comments topic. If you want to tell me how old your dog is, post that in the say anything topic. Bumping goes in the Bump thread.

6. Please no one liners unless its in the bump thread, the suggestions/comments thread, or the say anything thread. This is a literate guild after all and you don't want a visit from the demon of poor posting.

7. Try to use good spelling and grammar for you are not a baby anymore so, do not talk like one in this guild, thank you. This would be a good opportunity to show what you've learned in school.

8. Follow Gaia's terms of service as best as you can. Broken rules such as:

-making fun of others because of race, name, or skill level (trolling)
-breaking PG 13 by graphically describing sex scenes/excessively violent scenes
-inactive upon joining (no posts after 1 month of joining)

Will be dealt with by immediate banning and depending on the rule broken, may also result in a nice talk with Gaia Admin. Please don't break these rules.