I saw a guild for people who like her, but nobody had started one for people who hate her. So, here it is! Welcome to the Hannah Montana Haters Guild!
Listen, if you like her, that's fine. Just don't waste our moderators time with join requests calling us lame our pety for starting this guild. We have our own opinions and you have yours. This guild was started for people with the same opinions of her. We understand she's just a teenager and our members weren't told to bash her up and down our forums. Besides, we might be the largest Hannah Montana hating guild but we're not the only one. So, just resist the urge to b***h at us. If you want to moan talk to our Captain or Vice Captain.

Rule 1: You can promote anyone you want but if you want to ban someone you have to ask us.
Rule 2: The lovers don't post in our forums. If you do then VC Lullaby will delete it. Yeah. We just figured that out a few months ago xd
Rule 3: Ideas to make our guild better are always welcome, so don't hesitate to give us suggestions or pictures to put up here.
Rule 4: We know you don't like her. But please, don't curse too much.
Rule 5: Please don't type LiKe ThIs or l1k3 th1s. It's annoying.
Rule 6: We don't start fights with fellow guild members.

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