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This is a guild made for the one and only Haku from Naruto. It is to keep on his memory in all of us.

I love Haku with all my heart, I know he's just an anime character and that I can do nothing to prevent his death. But in the end as long as someone remembers him, he'll always be alive.

Here is a summary on Haku

Haku was born in a perpetually snowy village in the Land of Water. During Haku's childhood, civil wars ravaged the Land of Water, and since those with kekkei genkai were commonly used as the most terrifying tools of war, many people irrationally dreaded and hated them. Haku's mother was one of those with a kekkei genkai, and attempted to hide that fact, eventually marrying and giving birth to Haku.
Haku inherited her gift, and revealed their secret to his father while toying with his newfound power. Haku's father rallied a small mob and had his wife murdered. He would have done the same to Haku, but Haku inadvertently created a field of icicles through the house in his panic, killing both the mob and his father.
Afterwards, he wandered the Land of Water as a beggar child until he was found by Zabuza, who agreed to take him in, warning Haku not to expect any companionship. Haku, for his part, accepted this readily, devoting his life to becoming the ultimate weapon for Zabuza. Haku accomplished this and more, becoming even stronger than Zabuza. Haku was fiercely protective of and devoted to the older ninja to an extreme, essentially becoming Zabuza's possession and asking Naruto to kill him when he feared he could no longer be useful.

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And the rest is just history...

Having to read that brings me to tears... It's also stated from Kakashi that Haku was a pure spirit as true as and clean as newly fallen snow.

Rest In Peace Haku, I hope that Haku will continue to live on in all of our hearts. And with your help, we can make this guild live on as long as time itself...User Image