A place where you can be safe, A place where there are no Hackers! A place where there is Hope and a New beginning! ^^

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Hello and Welcome to Hacked Sanctuary's Main Page, We are Honored to have you here and hope that you will request to stay. This guild was made to help people who have been Hacked, also to give advice and support. Our Leader II Night Skye II, is a Kind Generous Person, who has been in the Shadows of Gaia for 5 Years Donating and Gifting People. Thank you for taking the time to come here and Have a wonderful day. ^^ -Syixa

Please include a reason for joining with your join request, and make sure that it is more than, "I got hacked." Your reason can be anything from, "I'd like to help people recover from being hacked" to, "I just had all of my EI's and money stolen." If you don't have a reason in your join request, you are likely to be turned down. -Idyr of the dead