After the thread i recently made.
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Follow gaia rules and no cybering. You form platoons and destroy others. If yours is destroyed you must regroup at your thread. Each platoon gets their own thread, name, and Gundam (gundams in platoon are copies of the leader's gundam) No fighting among platoon members. if a single platoon member is mad at another person in that platoon keep it out of here. if there is an argument it is the platoons captain or the leader of the guild to break it up. Notify me if there are problems with battles. no god modding. If a platoon is caught god modding their platoon will be suspended for a day and if the god modding continues will become longer or even being kicked out of the guild. Platoons are made up of 10 people each. There is no max to how many platoons there are. If you wish to change your Gundam send me a picture for approval and you will be charged the cost of 60 gold. real currency and Gaia cash is prohibited. Exchanging of items as currency is prohibited unless given special permission.
This is for fun do not get too serious with it but at least some seriousness.